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The Goldfinger 金手指

Vfx MakingOf and Deleted Scenes

Set in the 1980s, the film depicts cut-throat machinations between Hong Kong's jostling business elites amidst the backdrop of the tail end of British colonial rule. It tells the story of the rise and bust of a fictional Hong Kong company called Jiali Group, following the travails of its chairman Cheng Yiyan through 15 years of investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption as murders are committed, billions in market value evaporate and millions are spent on litigation fees.

| 800 Shots | 30 Months Production Time |

Vfx Supervisor : Lik Wong, Alan Lam, Benson Poon

Compositing Supervisor : Apple Chan


The story of Goldfinger took place between the late 1970s and the late 1980s. The Big Picture aims to recreate the Hong Kong of that era for this movie. We are very happy to have the opportunity to rediscover our Hong Kong through many historical materials.

Moreover, the director envisions that the style of this movie is very innovative and groundbreaking for Hong Kong cinema. He wants every scene to have different techniques for cinematography and visual effects, in addition to the story elements. We have read the script and proposed many different techniques. Then, we worked with the Director and the DOP to create many different ways to express the film’s visuals for The Goldfinger.

Deleted Vfx Scene released.

The above is a 2mins45secs heavy Vfx scene got client approved after almost a year of effort.

Suddenly, it was CUT away during the "weeks of final rendering" was in progress.
Suddenly, it has now been disclosed today on youtube, Hooray!!!!!

Hope you enjoy.

The Trailer

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